(On the Web, of course!)

Caveat: At the moment, most of my work is not posted to this website. While I plan to change that soon (for indefinite values of soon...), in the meantime, check the locations below:

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, you can view some of my works at the Juice Bar in Spring Hill, TN. Just take I-65 south to the Saturn Parkway exit, and follow your GPS back North along US 31 to Mclemore, take a right, and it will be on the southwest corner of the next intersection.

While I do post to instagram with regularity, most of my work can be seen online at deviantart. For prints of some of my works, you can try this link.

If you'd like to buy originals, you can contact me directly at crawfordtech at yahoo dot com. I accept payment through paypal, and cash if you happen to be in the Nashville Tennessee area. My prices are quite reasonable, but I have to charge shipping, and maybe even sales tax in certain situations. However, eBay does a fairly good job with both, so I frequently list them on eBay.

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