Than Rawford

(that's me)

Art Changes Everything

I'm what most other artists would call a traditional artist, because most of my works are done with graphite pencil, acrylics, and oils rather than created in front of a computer. I started working in colored pencil and acrylics as a teenager, but took a break to pursue a career and raise a family.

For me, returning to art was finally coming around to accept that I wasn't like other people. Early in my other career, I thought my creativity would be welcomed by Corporate America, but soon realized otherwise. While I won't say I haven't been blessed, the “day job” just doesn't scratch the creative itch. I spent years trying to suppress this obsession with creating things, or diverting it into other activities (electronics, woodworking, brewing, etc...), and have finally admitted that my calling was art.

As far as training, I've taken two drawing courses, one as a teenager, and one at the junior college level, but beyond that, I'm entirely self-taught.

When an artist creates, they bring into existence something new, that has never existed before - a literal changing of the universe. Art communicates, it challenges, it makes us feel, and gives us a vision of what could be. Art influences everything - from culture and religion to architecture, technology, entertainment, and even politics. Art changes everything.

- Artist Statement -

So... This is where most artists would put their egotistical statements of self importance. You know, a lot of flowery language which might mean something to MFA's (you called me a what?!), but is complete gibberish to the rest of us. So, in the interest of egalitarianism, (That's a fancy word for the thinking the unwashed masses are no worse than their betters) I've decided to constrain my egotistical rant to a list of my skills and accomplishments:

While a few of these are in jest, there is a bit of seriousness to the levity. I've created more than 500 works, with more than 100 of them already sold. I'm well aware that not everyone has the creativity I consider a blessing; but yet, I am also tortured by the dozens of ideas I haven't yet had the time to bring to fruition. Thus, I have an interesting problem: my interests are so diverse I find myself unable to stick to a particular medium or particular style. I'm well aware of the fact that most professional artists become known for a particular style, and are constrained to that particular style for the remainder of their career. Hence, my work has proceeded in many different directions.

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